Main event of the year

Musical performance. The hi-tech show combining theatrical, vocal, choreographic and cinema art with use of the most modern technical means of a scene. The main characters and performers - children of 8-15 years. This spring, a new annual dance event will take you to the future – to a world where everything is computerized and machines make the decision determining our destinies. To a world, where any simple misstep could become a fatal mistake. A world, where the struggle between good and evil does not stop even for a moment. As we know, good has two missions: the first – to create and cultivate the world, the second – to protect that which it creates evil. If Good forgets about creativity and, instead, only struggles against Evil, it will bring This story is about a 42 years old Cornely who works as a senior consultant in advertising company Bureau. He becomes the millionth minor security disturber. According to the law, he has to be arrested and taken to the prison, where he will meet death penalty. Due to bureaucracy, his punishment is postponed, so he is sent to a boarding school where he meets with gifted children and works as a mentor. Each child there gas his or her own story. The story, which says each child, faced a lack of necessity for living to be provided in that government. Belief, Hope and courage lead our heroes towards creativity and independence. Date: May 27 Time:18:00

Organizators and trainers

Nikolay Gumenuk
Yulia Rahimova